Saturday, 20 October 2012

Holy it's been a LONG time, but I am back!

I got burned out from posting SO many reseller shops, that I got fed up with running the blog. The person who was helping me quit because she went back to work and got a REAL job..and well. I got lazy.

But I am back! I won't be posting AS many reports as I did last year, but I will be posting quite a bit during the week (Mon-Sun)

Glad to be back, and I should have a couple of 'reports' up by tonight for y'all to devour. =)
Spread the word that I'm back in bidness.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Submitted by reader.
HERE is the etsy shop:  And HERE is the actual manufacturer.
Clearly reselling and the images have the actual branding of the company that they purchased from!!!

I am back!

Well I didn't really go anywhere..I just stopped posting for a while. lol
I've been super busy since my kids went back to school yadda yadda. I WILL be back with something in the next few hours.

Monday, 12 September 2011

So SORRY for the lack of posts lately!

I have a lot to post but I just don't have the time! I have someone willing to take over for me when I have no time (due to work and kids) but she's new at the whole blogging thing, so I have to 'talk her through' some of the steps on here before she's able to post entries.
I promise I will have at least 3 new entries by this weekend!! if not before.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

New soap reseller-lovelyscents

Lovelyscents is a new seller with no sales..thankfully! She buys her soap wholesale HERE at Natural Soap Wholesale. She is even using their photos! Here are a few examples.
Here is 'her' keylime soap that she claims is hand made bu HERSELF!
Same soap HERE on NSW
Same soap HERE on NSW

Same soap HERE at NSW

Same soap HERE

Same soap HERE

Last example..but she a good few more.
Same soap HERE

Monday, 29 August 2011

Just because your items are dirt

still doesn't make it okay to sell dirt cheap wholesale items as 'handmade' on Etsy. ;) ANNAWEI is another who thinks Etsy is eBay Lite. Blech! I have a feeling her prices are only low right now because she's new (Joined August 10th) and she is trying to get some feedback built up first before going 'full price.
First is her leaf alloy ring.
Same ring HERE on Alibaba
SAME earrings HERE 

Same necklace HERE on Alibaba Wholesale

Same ring HERE on Alibaba

Same necklace HERE on Alibaba

Same necklace HERE

Same necklace HERE 

Same necklace HERE (on Alibaba)

Same ring HERE

Same necklace HERE 

Same necklace HERE

Same earrings HERE

Same necklace HERE
Okay last item of hers..although there are 5 pages of this crap in her shop.
Same necklace HERE