What is a Re-seller?

Etsy CAN be an AMAZING site to buy handmade, supplies and vintage items from; but  you also have your not so great sellers who come along and treat it like eBay , and sell you CRAP that isn't even allowed to be on it in the first place! Below; in point form are the 'TYPE' people I'm looking to build this site around. A dictionary of sorts?! (lol)

SO What are Resellers?
  • Resellers- people who either go to wholesale( and type) sites and  buy say 100 plus items @ .50 cents a piece, and resell for $20 on etsy, and as HANDMADE not supplies. Resellers can also be people who buy from other sites (ie:ebay, artfire and even OTHER shops on Etsy) as their OWN handmade item! This type of reseller is rare but not uncommon. 
Then we have what I call the ''Garbage Collectors!''
  • Garbage collectors: People who deliberately set out to sell items that are NOT vintage, but just crap they found while dumpster diving to make a few bucks, from some nice naive people who visit etsy. They also buy items NEW and patina those suckers up to make them look vintage, and charge people vintage prices. (example coming soon)
NEXT we have the people who think Etsy is actually eBay! 
  • These people will try to sell ANYTHING they can on etsy, from cell-phones (vintage? ha right!) to brand new Juicy Couture Handbags.I cannot stand these ignorant twits either! What don't they get about the HANDMADE, VINTAGE or SUPPLIES (ONLY) part? Seriously?!
 THEN we have the Tag Stuffers!
  • These people stuff and stuff and stuff tags until they can't be stuffed anymore. They do this to get extra exposure to their items by wrongfully mis-stagging. 

How entries will work! 
I will be posting entries/reports [daily] that I come across myself (sometimes more than once a day) You too can do your part, and submit shops that YOU think are being a-holes. How?  you can comment to me on this post, use the contact form tab ABOVE or use our NEW Facebook page (here)  After I review submissions I will list reports as they come in. If you don't have a shop to report, you can just stick around, and discuss the shops that were called out and also REPORT shops. (I will post a mini-tutorial soon-to show you how to report TOS avoiders)
Please Note:
As you submit shops for me and others to view, I will try my best to place every one up as quickly as possible as a main entry on the blog.