Sunday, 8 May 2011


You'll not only see lame resellers and junk pushers on etsy, but you will also see these idiots. Soon as a good thing starts to happen for awesome legit artists, there's always someone behind them waiting to copy their great ideas to make a quick buck..from their ideas!
 For example:
Here's buttfreckle, selling cute little pocket monsters aka Buttfreckles that are BOOMING Across etsy. 
Now here are the pathetic copycats. WHY Do etsy allow this? I've reported them twice now, and they're still allowed to blatantly copycat!
Ugh! Pisses me off. People are idiots, and need their OWN ideas. These little monsters are too original for so many people to come up with the same design, right? I could be wrong..but I doubt it haha

Culprit #1
Here's an exact replica of Buttfreckles "albino eye" design.

Culprit #2

#3- Not  selling many...but still

and more..


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