Monday, 23 May 2011

Most popular reselling item. CHARM JEWELRY

Especially 'eyeglass necklaces' 

I recently bought one of these necklaces on ebay for $2.00 including shipping charges! LOL and these twits tell them for $5-$25 on etsy.
(I will add to this, I have MANY shops bookmarked that sells this item (and similar) I will post them shortly)
First Reseller Jewelry on the list!
Etsy Shop:  cheapandchicland only asking $4.

  • 975 sales since January 12, 2011

Where can I  buy these fancy necklaces for CHEAP in order to resell on etsy. Alibaba, of course!! Fashion Eye Glass Necklace(s) for $0.50 - 0.80.

Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 Piece/Pieces
Supply Ability: 100000 Piece/Pieces per Month

and there's MORE! (lol)

NINEXMUSE  offers you one for $10! also from Hong Kong
Check out the rest of his store for so many more resold items. Wholesaler scam artists suck!
''STATEMENT JEWELRY''-he says. Yeah it says "LOOK AT ME, I'm a cheap bastard!"

This seller is selling the same necklace for $16!! laying it on a book makes them SO much more classy, and totally NOT worth $.50, right?
 barberryandlace (check out her shop as well, ALL of her items are wholesale items from alibaba, and about 40 other sellers have the exact same designs as hers! Etsy Admin is so dumb!!

One last seller for now..SilverLotusDesigns
Biggest idiot seller ever!! 
Here's the rest! Take your pick at lunacy.

Here's the search result for "eyeglasses necklace" Look at ALL the sellers selling them for disgusting prices!!

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