Friday, 24 June 2011

Another China made jewelry reseller-Fashionjewel

This seller has made 1040 sales in less than 2 months! lol All of her items are listed under "hand made" on Etsy. And they don't even put the shit on chains, these items are bought wholesale as is..with chains.
Etsy, you are idiots.

Here's Fashion jewel's items versus Alibaba's [wholesale] items. You know how it works.

First is her OWL (goddamn I hate owls lately!) pocket watch
Same one on Alibaba

Here's "her" sewing machine necklace
Same one on Alibaba

Here colorful enamel owl necklace
Exact one on Alibaba

Here's her retro enamel white owl necklace
Exact one on Alibaba

Here's her Robot Compass necklace
Same one on Alibaba

Last one but ALL of her shop's items are wholesale CRAP.


This shop has been reported at least 5 times by 5 different people. She is still allowed to sell this shit as handmade. Wugh.

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