Friday, 24 June 2011

Children's Boutique Clothing Reseller:: SunshineShoppe

MY laptop is charged so I'm going to post a view photos in this post. I hate not having my mouse though...I'm stuck using the pad thingy and I suck at it. LOL 
 Anyhow; I said to my husband a little while ago that I wish I had used Etsy when our youngest [8]was a baby, because there's so much cute handmade things to buy for babies on there...but seeing this crap below I'm glad I didn't. I would have so have been tricked into buying this cheap overpriced shit.

This lady of  sunshineshoppe has over 1350 sales. And her all of her stuff is from wholesale shops from China!  And she can't say the famous words "omg they stole MY photos and designs!" as other fake sellers. Because her photos are completely different than the shops on Alibaba. ;)

Here's her baby leopard shoes with flowers on the toes. Asking price: $12.99

Here's the exact same pair on Alibaba Wholesale for .8 CENTS to $2 a pair. Less in a bulk. :O
Here's "her" pink leopard shoes for the same price as her other shoes.
Here's the exact shoes on Alibaba for .8 cents a piece.

Here's her red polka dot shoes. She added a bow and jewel to them...also bought on Alibaba.
Exact shoes without the bow(s) on Alibaba here's the same ones she got in pink.

Her's her pink zebra shoes with a glued on dollar store bow. (lol)
Same ones on Alibaba for dirt cheap.

Here's her zebra baby hair clips- she has these in multiple colors.
Same clips in ALL the same colors on Alibaba

Exact clips in same shades on Alibaba from .2 cents to .40 cents a piece.
Here's her "handmade" peacock headband for $17
Exact same ones on Alibaba. Here and Here 

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