Saturday, 18 June 2011

The 'Most ballsy Reseller Award' goes to...Lazytoycam!

Another idiotic seller LazyToycam. I have reported his shop twice now in the past month, and nothing is being done! He sells SO many randomly different items, it's very easy to tell his a reselling idiot. Items range from digital cameras, film, to leather camera bags & bamboo handbags made by some company OTHER than his. He joined June 4th and has 14 sales.

His Etsy shop name is based on the crappy digital cameras he sells, the brands names of the cameras are different. This one is called Minimo X Lomo Digital Camera You can also buy them  on eBay from different seller- here and here. (and other places if you Google the camera name)

Here's another camera listing of his. The brand name of this camera is Lomo Holga. You can buy these all over the place too. Here on a wholesale site & ioffer , and on eBay

His etsy profile states he runs ecrater this shop too called Pengantindemos.  In that shop he sells items there ranging from FOSSIL watches to his cameras & weightloss/slimming pills. LOL.

Below is "his" "Kuta" handbag listed on Etsy. It's apparently handmade by him but it is REALLY made by an apparent 'small' company (not the seller's company!)  in Indonesia. I have the bag company's name (GENDHIS) highlighted in the photo.  (Click  photo to few actual size)
He has it listed for $75! but you can buy them on Alibaba for only $10!

The company's name that really makes this bag is called GENDHIS Natural Bag.
 The Gendhis website claims that these bags are made in  a HOUSE by 2 people. But they can supply over 500 bags per buyer on Alibaba? and minimum order is 25. Yeah right! These bag designers are not human if that's the case! and by "not human" I mean made by a sweat shop in Indonesia. 

Now here is a MERONA bag/purse. An apparent handmade snakeskin purse.
NOT handmade obviously.

Here's a belt he's selling. BRAND Name kulit.ari.

I already contacted the seller from their tumblr site, and they do NOT sell on Etsy.
lazytoycam also sells bags and camera straps made by the same company.

More info on the Kuliari company based of Jogjakarta From the site- ''Kulit Ari, leather goods manufacturer from Jogjakarta, is trying to offering some leather goods such as leather belts, leather wristband, leather bags, etc. They only used genuine leather as the material and they believe their products are strong enough for your daily activities.''

 Here is his listing for a Tiki Skull bracelet. NOT handmade.

You can buy it here on site called KBC Jewelry.

Lastly here  is a Hello Kitty rattan bag he has listed.

Obviously not handmade by LazyidiotReseller. You can get it here at Alena Gifts.

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