Thursday, 16 June 2011

New FADS gone MAD- Charm and Harmonica Necklaces

Lately I see these types of affordable aka cheap jewelry being the most sold on Etsy. Charm jewelry isn't supplies, handmade or vintage!  So  why should these sellers be allowed to go to eBay, King Bead, Alibaba, Dhgate and other wholesale sites to buy dirt cheap silver plated charms, only to slap said charms on a even cheaper chain, and be able to call it handmade jewelry?  I'm only A BUYER and this Pisses me off!  I can only imagine how REAL jewelry creators feel about this crap.
Here's examples of charm necklaces

Let me start with this popular seller with over 5300 sales!
The photo example above is belonged to CSCharms
Same  ring on Alibaba
Same one on and on enchantedleaves wholesale and ebay 

Same charm is on enchantedleaves wholesale 

Her artist palette charm/necklace 
40 Pcs of the same charm on eBay for $7

Or 60 pcs on eBay for $6

Last one-Camera Ring
Same on eBay 

princessanglejewels is pretty new and hardly has any sales; but I have  still have to show you all this craziness.
She is asking $40 for this necklace.

Here's the same charm (without $3 chain) on eBay for only $8.99

Here a few more sellers who pull the same "Put a wholesale charm on a plain chain and call it handmade'' scheme.
Szeya (568 sales) 

charms4you (over 5500 sales!)
Treasured Charms (over 1600 sales)
pinktophat (1076 sales)
AgHalo  (1220 sales)
lasbambolinas ( only 13 sales)

Taking a break in listing charm shops for the night. I will add more tomorrow.

But before I go; I want to post about The harmonica charm necklace.
 (Another popular jewelry fad)
First off these mini-harmonicas are dirt cheap.You can buy them in bulk already ON a chain on the  Alibaba wholesale site (.44 cents a piece, and if you buy more than 30 they're .6 cents lol) 

Closer look


barberryandlace (photo above) is not only a cheap charm seller, but she she inflates her prices big  time! She is charging $18 for this harmonica necklace (pictured above) and you get it 2 on eBay for only $3!

Seller idlehandsdesigns  is selling hers  for $86! She thinks by putting it in her mouth with her overly glittered lips will heightened it's value WTF. 

"Little Lady" is a more expensive brand, sure! but you can get the exact one on eBay for $11 and in NEW condition (lol)

Seller TinaMartino  is charging $38 for theirs

diamentdesigns is asking $38. The same harmonica as on eBay for $1.50 and placed on a simple copper chain.

 bellabeadstudio is selling hers for. That  bird on a window sill charm she add for extra value  is only $.50 a charm on eBay! *slaps forehead*

LilBroGoes2College is asking $30. Another girl using "sexy" pictures to sell a ridiculously priced item.

No more pictures just 3 more links/shops

theluckyfish is asking $32 Blah.
coastmountaincrafts is selling one exactly the same was luckyfish for the same price. How is that OOAK? Really!
Artysmary is asking $35 US!

Well that's it for this post. 
If you want to search through 5 more pages full of these here's the link!!

Ciao until tomorrow..or Monday.

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