Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Not so vintage squirrel

Seller PortugueseVintage is selling this lovely 'Vintage' Cast iron Squirrel door stop for $13

and you can also buy it here  for $9.95!
Cast Iron Squirrel Door Stop

He also has a "hand painted" vintage key-hiding garden Turtle for $12

Buy you can also buy that HERE for $7.95

 A lovely "hand painted" Hedgehog Key Hider for $13

Buy it here (when in stock) for $9.95

Here's a Frog key hider! he's asking $12

you can get it here for only $4.95!

He resellers fake vintage pins/brooches too!
Here's boar head pin for $9.95

or buy it here for $3.50

last one for now..There's SO much crap in this guy's shop that is wholesale items, that it's sickening.
And to think he has over 1000 sales makes it even more sickening! Blah.
Here's his Duck Head pin/brooch $10

or get it here for $6

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