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Scarf reseller: PrettyPanda

My very first submission post! WARNING:This is going to be a fairly long entry. ;)
A reader sent me a message tonight about  seller prettypanda
PrettyPanda was originally called out on the Facebook page "Pressure on Etsy"  And the admin of the page thought that there was something shady about this shop. So a poster from POE  AND a reader of mine"investigated" a little, and sent me ALL of this  info. Which I will get to in a moment!  Oh and Pressure on Etsy is a great Facebook based reseller reference guide.. of sorts. The seller I'll be posting about here sells photo prop scarves ( a VERY popular and great selling item on of late.) She has sold/sells apparent handmade jewelry too, but we busted her on that we all. I will make a separate entry on her jewelry.

Anyhow on to the report.
The only issue (at first).. were her apparent hand-dyed scarves  possibly being wholesale items. 
But my reader found more items of hers that weren't handmade. Which include other random scarfs that she OBVIOUSLY did not hand make, and obviously are not vintage. Yeah Etsy sucks! 
They let this idiot sell on there for a  full year now, and she already has 3600 sales too!
Firstly is her photo scarves.
These are't exactly like hers but very alike. I've seen hers somewhere online before, There are SO many styles of these same scarves that they're hard to pick out. AND she only shows them already IN photos, so the professional cameras change the colors/quality quite abit. An most cheap Chinese fashion shawls/scarves etc are all over the place, and mostly all of them look alike. IMO. It's very hard to "hand made" these things to make them look exactly like wholesale items.. KWIM?

Here is her 2 tone 'hand dyed' called"coral

This eBay store also has this peachy/pink colored  listed as ''Coral Two Tone Scarf" but it comes with a free necklace (lol) The eBay store has the same colors  as hers in the stores too.
Another store on eBay with a similar color to more of her "hand" dyed 2 tons scarves.
Here's another style of blended/two tone scarves from a Alibaba.

And another

Here' s her Rock Star (studded) scarf  

Two VERY similar one(s).on Alibaba
Here is a Jersey Loop scarf in her shop. It comes in different colors.

Same scarves on  eBay & Alibaba.

Another stud scarf of hers. There are 6 rows of strands on this, with gold stud/buttons. Same  as the one on ebay below.

One like it on eBay 

Her pompom scarf

VERY similar one like it on Alibaba. This one looks a little different because it's spread out.

Now here are items I know for SURE are wholesale items.
Here is her Leopard shawl/scarf 

Exact scarves on Alibaba. 
Here is her Pink scarf/shawl

Here on eBay as well. I sized up the fringe, and look at the measurements and they all match to hers.
Another on dhgate wholesale

Here's her 2 tones 'Autumn' crinkle scarf

Here's the same one from (NOT an English site) 
But I found it on Polyvore

Now a collage of  a few of her blended wrinkle scarves apparently hand dyed. 
Click on photo to view actual sized image. =)
 Look how similar these all are!! Some people think because something LOOKS  hand dyed or is  tie dyed that it automatically means it really is handmade, wrong. Even wholesale items are tie dyed in huge sweat shops and factories ;)  

Well that's that! WHEW. PrettyPanda also sells wholesale Jewelry...I will post about that next entry. =)

Pardon any typos. I am drop dead tired, I have the flu AND I'm on  pain medication for kidney stones! (LOL)

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