Saturday, 11 June 2011

Shitty sellers who hold feedback hostage!

I freakin' hate these kinds of idiotic sellers!! I thought this shitty action only happened on the tacky eBay, not etsy! Seriously. Listen here hostage takers! My end of the transaction is over as soon as I pay for the item. That is the end of my involvement. How can not leave me feedback? I understand that you may be busy for a couple of days, but why wait right up to the day I leave you your feedback? I always have to leave feedback first for them to even consider leaving ME my feedback. Ack!

So NOW I am going to start making a notice in the feedback I leave for them; that they hold feedback hostage. I always pay ASAP with Paypal. Most sellers  only accept Paypal,  so there's no way I can even wait to pay as Etsy checkout is set up so you HAVE to pay right away. If I pay that way, how can they hold up my feedback? I know why they do it. So they can give me neutral or negative in retaliation. That's why! I just think this practice is totally wrong, insulting and  just plain freakin' RUDE.
Pretty soon  I will stop dealing with sellers that use this practice and again, I will note in the feedback that they do it. 
Anyhow. ALL that being said (lol)
I am dealing with one of these idiots now. I left her POSITIVE feedback but in 2 out of 6 feedbacks, I said a couple of constructive things such as "I like the scent! but you should have mention how small these really are" She also sent me the wrong product of one of my items, and I still left her positive for that!
Here's my fairly NICE  feedback to her.(click photo to see full size)

So I nicely contact her AFTER I left her positive, and said this:

Here's her reply to me: Notice there's no remorse? just complaints about ME? Nice huh?

She said no one else had complained like I have. But here's a screenshot of her feedback...with people who mention the exact same things as I did in my feedback to her. But I left positive. (click photo to view full size)
I also read her "left for others" feedback, and she does indeed hit people with retaliatory feedback. Which Etst doesn't even give a shit about!! even Ebay stops people from leaving retaliatory feedback. But classy ass Etsy doesn't? They're a joke.

Anyhow, like I said. For people who do this crap from now on, will have some lovely comments from me about these hostage situations in their half-assed feedback ;)

Here's a good site on Hostage Terrorists I found just today! lol
Just replace eBay with Etsy. I couldn't find much of anything on people doing this one Etsy, why? Because no one seems to give a shit in Happy Kitty Flower Land aka Etsy. They're all too busy smoking pot, rinsing their moon-maxi pads and getting shitty tattoos and dreads to give a damn how feedback works..unless of course they're bitter ol' bags like the 
ONE I'm dealing with.

Buyer's guide to Feedback - Don't be held hostage!

 Read here-source eBay


  1. WWoah she sounds classy, NOT! I have heard things about Jen before too on another blog.
    She doesn't seem to be all there to be honest. Or she is just really young?..or both!! She sounds really young and ignorant.

    And I had to laugh at her cake soap that looks like sperm on it lol someone really LOVED their soap, eh? Regretsy made fun of her about her sperm soap too. haha Look at this

    Small World. She sounds very immature and snotty. Stupid bitch. I hope people reads this entry (you made) and stays clear of her shop.
    And I also laughed at calling 'slander' and mentioning copyright issues, but she dupes brand name perfumes and lotions. Baha Stupid nut job.


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