Monday, 20 June 2011

Sweatshop much? Another jewelry reseller.

Well with all the jewelry posts I've made so far, it's not hard to tell cheap-ass fake handmade jewelry is the number 1 reselling item on Etsy. This entry will be about reseller easygoingshopping
The links are in orange! usually above or under the photos I provide! -PP

Here's  the sellers profile. Pretending to be a real crafter and what not.
She states everything is made by her, and also says "OUR" stuff is handmade in the same sentence. Oh my! 
Her first item made but her, and THEM (lol) A Virgo leather bracelet
Also on eBay sold by two different sellers. Here and Here
Her photo:
Photo(s) of the Sellers on eBay:

HER Octopus necklace
Exact necklace on Alibaba Wholesale 
HER brass owl pocket watch necklace
Alibabas brass owl pocket watch necklace

HER Audrey Hepburn Pocket Watch
Alibabas necklace

HER Eiffel Tower pocket watch
Alibabas Eiffel Tower pocket watch

Her microphone necklace
Alibabas microphone necklace

Last one. Again as I said before; I'll be here all day linking to everything that is a wholesale item in this shop.

Her carriage and shoe necklace
Alibabas carriage and shoe necklace

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