Thursday, 21 July 2011

A NEW soap re-seller-Dreampebblesbath

This seller [Dreampebblesbath] doesn't have too many items/soap listed in her shop right now. But she directs you to her site HERE to buy items too. She claims the soap she has on her site, and in her Etsy shop is handmade by her. But really, she buys it wholesale it from Natural Soap Wholesale. But she calls them "fancy" names to mask it. Her photos are also pretty dark, and crappy..another giveaway. But you CAN tell she is a reseller.

First here is a couple of soaps listed in her Etsy shop

She calls this one 'Heaven Swirl'

But here's the same soap named 'HoneySuckle Sugar' on NSW Same description as the above.

Here's her "Warrior Within Soap" 

Exact soap HERE on NSW (Eucalyptus Hemp & Tea Tree Soap Bar)

Here's her Karma Queen[lavender soap]

Same soap HERE on NSW

Here's her Pixie Wish' soap [fruit/pear and wood and musk]

Same soap and description HERE on NSW Pear and Redwood

That's ^ the only soaps listed right now in her shop. But here's a couple more examples from her site, proving that her soaps are the same soap from NSW.

Her Candy Angel aka Cherry Almond from NSW

NSW's soap here

Her cranberry vanilla peach 

Same soap here on NSW

Her pearls and buckels bar  LOL WTF [pearberry]

Pearberry soap HERE on NSW

She has over 4 pages, but I'm not going to post them all. Here's the last example of her dishonesty =)

Her voodoo Island (ocean breeze) soap

Same soap HERE on NSW but called 'Ocean Breeze' Same description as above too.

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