Sunday, 17 July 2011

Reseller from Chiang Mai- MaryJulie

This re-seller [MaryJulie] sells fisherman pants, "tribal" purses and other junk. Listed in the handmade category.

First up is "her" handmade purse.

Similar purse HERE on Alibaba but in a different color. Notice the braiding in the handles, and pompoms..and pocket.

Same purse HERE on Alibaba Wholesale

Her Short Thai SWIRL fisherman pants

Similar pants (design) in long on eBay

Same covers here on Alibaba 

The bags the seller has listed are call 'HMONG' bags. HMONG is a type of textile used for them. Etsy is FULL of them. Just do a search for "tribal bags" or "hmong" and you'll find them!! RIP OFF. Here's a quick search (link)
Here is a couple for example.

SAME ITEMS IN THIS SHOP But they are asking A LOT more ($150!) for them.

And HERE at a different shop


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  1. I know these people, and somebody stole their pictures and listings from Etsy. The white background in original photos are the doors of their shop at Kalare Night Bazaar and the lady in photo is the owner. Pictures are made with Sony CyberShot.You might be right when you think that somebody sells things from Alibaba, but sometimes people post fake listing on Alibaba based on Etsy listings and make bigger profit (1000+pieces they never deliver). There are Nigerian guys posting fisherman pants on Alibaba, based on Etsy listings etc, etc. If you contact any of the shops they will be more than happy to answer you, to prove they are genuine and to protect them and their customers. Keep up the good work !


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