Tuesday, 19 July 2011


This seller [Ireana] is selling items from wholesale nesting dolls, to bracelets, and possible err outfits that look to be photos from knitting patterns?

One of her nesting dolls- Fruit basket themed.
Same dolls here  at 'The Russian Store'

Another set of nesting dolls
Same ones HERE again.

Same ones HERE, also on The Russian Store

Last example of her Russian Store fiasco.  (But there's more)

Same ones again HERE on The Russian Store

Now here's her clothing. The photos are OBVIOUSLY not taken by the seller, or even in style anymore. The photos look just as ancient as the clothing and hairstyles of the models.

last one ..although there's more. But you get it.
THIS "Handmade" item is a 2fer. You get both the imaginary dress  AND purse.

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