Friday, 12 August 2011

Another fake vintage seller: netanela98

Here is a 3rd entry on non-vintage but listed as vintage clothing shop that I have made today.
This shop owner [Netanela98] has balls! I give them that. This he/she team happens to think Etsy is eBay! They have all of their items are listed as vintage and NOTHING really IS vintage. WOW I just LOVE their model LOL NOT! He even looks like a smug jerk.
Their whole shop is full of gently used NEW-ish non-vintage items. Here's a few examples of them. OY!
I bought this Old Navy shirt for my husband last summer!
'Vietnamese' aka knock off ball cap
 Here's their non-vintage modern fedora. Blech.
Mens Old Navy shirt-obviously NOT vintage!
Lee Cooper[new,but 2nd hand] mens top
Non-handmade or vintage screen print mens Tee
new style of Gap jeans. Certainly NOT vintage!
Womens satin top.. obviously NOT vintage
Newer 'vintage look' Mickey top
Certainly NOT vintage sweater
last item..since I will be here all night posting the junk!

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