Monday, 8 August 2011

A brand spankin' new Reseller! OWERH

This idiot just joined on August 1st, and sold 88 items already! All of their[wholesale] items are in the handmade category. Their shop name is a dead giveaway to where they're from and that they're a reseller! Most resellers from China (and the like) have crap names with little to no imagination or creativity, a lot like their shops!
Below are a few of their crap items ALL from either Alibaba, eBay and dhgate (wholesale)

(NOTE: Links are in orange, and to view full sized images click on them!)

First up..Here's their Rabbit (locket) necklace.

Exact necklace HERE on Ali-express and HERE on eBay, and HERE on another site from HK

Their beaded peacock feather necklace

Same necklace here on Alibaba and here eBay

And you wouldn't be a reseller without the infamous Owl necklace!

Same necklace(s) HERE on Alibaba Wholesale. And HERE on eBay

Another style of Owl necklace of theirs (infamously sold all over the place on Etsy)

Exact necklace HERE on eBay and HERE on Alibaba

Another owl necklace-another common reseller item.

Exact necklace HERE on Alibaba and HERE on eBay.

Here's their camera necklace

Same necklace HERE on Alibaba and HERE on eBay

Same necklace HERE on Alibaba and HERE on eBay

Their Flower pattern pocket watch/necklace (notice the watermark of the wholesaler they they failed to remove?)

Same necklace HERE on Alibaba but in a different color.

Exact watch/necklace HERE on Alibaba

Exact watch HERE on Alibaba and HERE on eBay

Their tinted Crystal pocket watch

Exact watch here on eBay

Last one.. although there's tons more items to post about.

Exact necklace on HERE on Alibaba and HERE on eBay

PEACE OUT..for now!

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