Friday, 12 August 2011

Liar, liar VINTAGE pants on fire! recyclinghistory

RecyclingHistory is selling a lot of clothing listed as vintage and it's not! What nerve! She has a few items listed as "upcycled" but there's NOTHING upcycled about them. Completely ignorant. She has jewelry listed as well, that she is reselling. Nothing vintage or handmade about them. See them HERE
Here are a few examples!
HOW is this vintage! Jones NY blouse
'upcycled' tank top-WTF I have this top!! NOT upcycled
Mossimo top lol Mossimo has nothing vintage!
Another blouse obviously NOT vintage
'Vintage' Venus! jeans..these are a new modern brand.
'upcycled' sweater dress. There is nothing vintage or upcycled about this!
last item, but she has tons more listed!

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