Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Reader submission about reseller PixieMarket

 Here's something one of my readers submitted to me. CLAIMING: this seller is a reseller.
Apparently not only is she a reseller, she has been harassing people from another call out site about this claim, and contacting them through Etsy's convo system as well; making assumptions to whom owns what site..that is "slamming" her.  She is threatening police and lawyers. She CLAIMS she hand makes all of her items, but in reality she sells jewelry that is all made in China from the wholesale website Alibaba. Flag away! =) 
Here are some examples. With photos!
Her Origami crane necklace She is asking $31! and they're on Alibaba from .40 cents to $3 each. WHAT?!

 HERE on Alibaba! Check out the price! LOL

Her golden bird earrings

Same pair HERE on Alibaba

Same earrings HERE on Alibaba for fraction of the price she is asking!

Go HERE  (another call out blog) to read more. She's been busted BIG time. And not only for the shop I mention above. She has 4 shops, all look to speak.

Here's a screenshot of someone pointing out all her wrong doings, and fibs.

Take a look at her "Bridal" shop. HERE. Come on! It's OBVIOUS that none of those items are handmade.

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