Thursday, 18 August 2011

Reseller: handfulofcharms

This seller is selling Kabbalah (and the like) jewelry claiming it as their own. NONE of these items are being sold are handmade. And most of the items in their shop can be found on most Religious jewelry sites. Not only is this seller a reseller, they also shilling (buying their own product) with a sock puppet account. Here are just a couple of examples..BUT you can go HERE, HERE and HERE  and HERE to find the rest of this seller's items. 
 First is their pearl Kabbalah bracelet
Same bracelet on kabbalahjewelrydesigners and and HERE on orjewlery
Same bracelet here at KabbalahJewelryDesigners 
Another bracelet
Same bracelet on ORJewelry

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  1. i like your blog idea! i have come across some sellers that just cannot be for real and it annoys me. they can sell their art that is made in 3rd world countries for very low prices and make a good living off it. and then local artists can't charge what their art is worth.
    keep up the work!


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