Sunday, 8 May 2011

Reseller calls HERSELF out: DorisHandmade

I HAVE to post this, even though her shop is no longer active, it's just too funny not to post! and of course show people who missed this trainwreck, this juicy funny trainwreck called "DorisHandmade" A few weeks ago Doris Handmade decides to drop in to an Etsy forum and ask for a little helpful advice:

A few of the nice(r) Etsy shop owners start looking at her store, trying to figure out why her handmade journals aren’t selling, just as she asked.

 Then BAM! LOL  Etsy seller Rune Leather speaks up, things get interesting.
Rune Leather just TOTALLY called little Miss Beijing Doris out for being a reseller! (Oh snap!)   She  pretended to be a crafter, and  started to sell off "her" mass produced crap from China, specifically Handmade Journals/Notesbooks.
Here's "her" items, and beside it was the site's she stocked up from. Baha! She didn't dare come back to the thread after, and her shop was vinito.  

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