Monday, 20 June 2011

Cosmetic ReSeller-OrchidBlue (LINKS provided)

*This another long(er) post-pic heavy* *Don't forget to click on images for actual size*

This seller OrchidBlueCosmetics is the most ballsy bath and body reseller I've seen so far on Etsy. She sells mineral makeup from tkbtrading and Coastal Scents, and claim it has handmade by herself. She is even that lazy and shameless that she doesn't rename the makeup shades to cover the fact that she buys the crap from wholesite(type) sites, and even uses THEIR descriptions for it all! Her listed items that she resells range from makeup to fake handmade [wholesale] soap, and items from specialty beauty product sites such as Chanel and Brazilian Blast. Below are a good few listings first on her Makeup reselling. Compared to the other site(s) she buys them from.

This is 'her' gel liner-she renamed it but the description AND photo is the same as on Coastal Scents! lol idiot.

''Her'' SCANDALOUS gel liner 

Here it is on Coastal Scents named Sexy Pink 

Here is her Beach Glass shade of gel liner

Here it is on Coastal Scents with the same name/shade and photo!

This "her" 'Storm' Mineral Eye Shadow

Now here is TKB's Storm Eye shadow

She actually renamed this one! but her description is the exact one as DKB and the shade is exact.

MESMERIZE eye shadow 

Here is DKB's shade but they name it "DragonFly

Here is her JackPot eye shadow. That she ripped off of Coastal Scents. She is not only stealing their description but using their containers as well. 
Here is Coastal Scents 'Gold Rush'

Here is her Blue Kamikaze
Now here is TKBs "Colorama Blue Mica"

Okay enough from mineral makeup.

Here's some of proof of her soap reselling.  Shades may vary because of camera and monitor settings. But soaps are INDEED wholesale!
*Click on photos to view full image{s}*

I will provide a link to the wholesale soap site she bought it from, PLUS other REsellers on Etsy with the exact same soap. I already called out those sellers here. Most soap resellers are clueless about soap, and think no one will notice that they're resellers-but it's pretty freakin' obvious to pick them out actually. The soaps are TOO similar; and most soap makers each have their own style, and soap can be pretty unique to each maker.

Here is her clean cotton soap
Here is the site she bought it from with the name. Clean Cotton @
Here are 3 more resellers on Etsy selling the exact same  .

Here is her Raspberry bar of soap
She bought it on Natural Soap Wholesale here-with the name of Raspberry Rush

Here are 3 more resellers selling the exact same  .

She got it here at the Natural Soap Wholesale 

Here are more resellers with the exact same soap.

Okay lastly this is "her" lilac and lilies soap.
Here is the same soap on Natural Soap Wholesale
And more Etsy resellers selling the same soap.
LASTLY here is some of items she is selling that shouldn't even be on Etsy ever! but any seller.

Here is her "giveaway" Chanel lip gloss

AND she is selling hair treatment by Brazilian Blowout Beauty. It is sold commercially in salons Worldwide and online. She even has a link to the site and site's youtube channel in her ad. Wugh!

I love this! she has a note to customers in her shop that she won't give a refund to people because of other people being dishonest and lying! How ironic. Dirty reseller!!

 Screenshot of sites front page.
Well that is it!! Enjoy flagging. You might have more luck than I had getting her removed ;)


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  2. First I would like to say. MY READERS submit half of my reports. THIS report is one of them. This seller is also on RIPOFFREPORT.COM.

    Secondly, did you not click the LINKS for proof? The images are only screen shots and comparision. There are A LOT of links to proof. How can you even comment about that when you didn't even click the links? I always provide concrete proof, as well as my readers. We're not idiots.
    Thirdly, 5 different readers of mine used her makeup and already have Coastal Scents at home, and they're the exact same!! ;) They know their makeup.
    Lastly. She isn't committing fraud against the companies she is buying from. Do you even know what sale are? The companies are WHOLESALE sites. People are allowed to resell their items to whomever they wish to sell to! That is what wholesale sites are there for. DUH!

    They (Orchid Blue) are defrauding customers telling them it's their makeup and soap, and it's NOT.