Friday, 17 June 2011

Hurry, pass my glue gun, I have Heartsy orders to fill!

Handy Dandy Glue creates all kinds of crazy shit.
 Another "not REALLY Handmade'' seller on Heartsy  When I sometimes say "Not Really Handmade" I don't always mean it's a wholesale/resell item. I just means there's nothing really handmade about the item[s] and that they're usually overpriced. But this seller is a bit of both...lazy "artist/seller" and reseller.
 [NaturalAmber] is on Heartsy today. She's sold A LOT of items so far too. She has over 1000 sales as of right now and she's not finished her feature yet. I don't think this person is ALL about reselling, but she's certainly not an Artist of  'handmade' items. It takes a lot more than a hot glue gun and cheap wholesale supplies to be a legit artist/creator/seller. If her supplies were expensive I can understand, or if she spent a lot of time on her items. But she doesn't spend the money or time on neither. Her items are cheap as dirt..right down to the glue sticks for her glue gun ;)

Here's her shell/charm bracelet- she is asking $15.00 for it.

Similar bracelet on Alibaba for $2 a piece. I'm not saying this is the item she is selling. I am only showing an example of how cheap this style of bracelet goes for.

Here she is selling a rose/flower bobby pin for $5!
You can also buy them on Alibaba 1200 pieces for $120. If she sold 1200 for $5 she would make $6000! LOL Not bad, huh?!

You can also buy these stupid overrated 
cabochon bobby pins on eBay 2 for $2.80 including shipping. Now, her hair pins are probably "handmade" but they shouldn't be called handmade; when all you do is buy these  wholesale flowers for .12 a piece or $5 for 40, and  glue them on a flat pad boppy pin.  Oh and the pins are only US $0.01 - 0.131 / a piece

Here's her cheap fake vintage locket, with a blue cameo glue gunned on to it. You can even see the glue strings on the image (click photo to view full sized image)

So it's either a rush job with a glue gun! or it's a wholesale item, like these and these ($1-$2 each) from eBay, Alibaba. These are already put together. And if she glued gunned it herself, she got the supplies dirt cheap. You can view wholesale cameos similar to these (10 for $2.50), and these (price unknown but cheap)  and similar blank lockets here, and here. (For from .29 cents to $1.80 a piece)
Another cameo necklace of hers. 

Here it is in gold plated (hers is silver plated) on eBay for $8.80 and one JUST like hers for $ it's not unique to her.  
Here's a search on eBay with cameo "blanks" for cheap. It will give you an idea of how much these blank settings cost =) Okay enough of cameo stuff. 

Her's her rose/cuff bracelet

Like I said. All these "cabochon"  themed fake-ass jewelry are so overly "made" and bought on Etsy now that it's ridiculous. Anyhow you can buy the exact same rose cabochons as used in this bracelet on Alibaba for .1 to .9 cents a piece! And it be honest, I think those flowers (in the photo) look like mini pastel vaginas.

And here's a silver cuff blank on Etsy for $3. Or again on Etsy-2 for $5.50.
 You can get them on Alibaba with a flower or fake gem already on them from $1 to $ 2.30 a piece. So that shows a rough value of this type of bracelet. So with all that being said.. it cost NaturalAmber about $3.10 (if that) to make this, and she's charging $17 for it. I say she spent MAYBE 10 mins on it. REAL jewelry makers take hours, days and sometimes weeks to create real jewelry, and sellers like this really tick me off.
Here's another bracelet of her but with a red flower, and she charging $19 for it!

These earrings are hilarious! I don't feel bad laughing and making fun of the seller because I know she spent no time on them, at all! COME ON Etsy AND Heartsy! Does Heartsy even look the stupid shops before they feature them?

I bet she spent a whole 5 minutes creating this lump of WTF. It's a pair of wholesale earrings for sure! Similar to this  pair (hers look cheaper, and metal-ish) & with one of these  cheap ugly cabochons glued on, and she's charging $15 for them.

Yup, still blabbing.
Here's her flapper girl earrings

Here's her description
"These unique flapper girl button earrings are perfect for the gal who is always on the search for unusual but trendy jewelry.'' But here is 5 plus more sellers with the same flapper girl ! here and herehereherehere and etc..=Unique & UNUsual fail..

Now these clock earrings 

You can also buy them in other shops on the web, herehereand here and on a wholesale site here and Artfire herehereand here. WOAH.

Whew..I'm done. Promise! ;)

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