Friday, 17 June 2011

Items not worth the money: Seller- paisleybaby

While looking through a shop that's featured on Heartsy today, I came across a store belonging to  paisleybaby
She sells handmade bags & and mostly over priced baby/kids accessories. Anyhow I really liked her hooded towels, and I saw the price of $35 next to the listing titles.I figured it included at least two maybe 3 towels. But I opened the listing right up, and  nope it's just one! It's damn cheap terry towel with fabric! WTF They used to be cheaper, I believe $18(maybe cheaper IIRC) per towel until they were featured on! Like come on. Think of the NON-wealthier people or parents with more than one spoiled child, will ya?  SNOB! 

A few other items she has that are over-priced are: (No pics here, just clicks links to see pics)
$22 for a freakin' wet bag to put dirty nappies and cloth pads in, really? Maybe I'm cheap and miserable, but I would rather use these. Ziploc Dry bags
$18 for a shoe bag!
$28 for a changing pad! Come on, yeah it's pretty but it's for changing kids butts on! and not to mention it's just two pieces of cloth stitch together!
$11 for ONE baby bib? that will only be stained with strained peas and carrots in a less than a week?
$20 for a small zipper pouch
I admit this stuff is cute, the material is pretty and I'm sure Paisley puts a lot of work into it.
But so does THESE people, and they're not inflating costs because they think they're a damn celebrity designer because they were  featured on Wugh!
I can provide SO many more links to amazing underrated more "un-popular" sellers who have awesome items as mentioned, but here's just a few! 

Here's a similar towel from a cute shop. AllSeasonCrafts For only AND it includes 2 cute cloths. But again, this seller wasn't featured on so she is SOOL.

Another cheaper towel from inkydinkdesigns same style for only $19. And a lot cuter than Paisleys IMO.

PSA-People interested in this cute stuff, weigh your options and do a good search, you will find more decent sellers to buy from!

Here are most sellers with the same style of 'wet bags' as Paisley with DECENT prices.

Threadbarestitcher sells  a similar and  very cute wet and for only 6 bucks!

brendasbabyjackets sells her cute wet bags for only $10!

Here are some similar sellers who sell shoe bags similar to P's.

mymommymadeit is selling adorable AND afforadble shoe bags for only $5.50

So is GrandmaJansCorner for only $7.50

Similar changing pads from other shops. But again AFFORDABLE!

rubberduckbutt for only $5 

or from nbjohnston10 for only $8!

Baby bibs!!

This seller RibbonsandRaspberrie is asking only $5 for this cute little thing!

This seller WeeLittlePea is also only asking $5 for hers. Adorable! and exact same style 

Lastly examples of the same style zipper pouches!

JPATPURSES is only asking  $9 for this cute pouch.

teniamariecreations is selling this large flat bottomed pouch for only $8! Adorable!

Well that's it.  
I can see why someone would want to take advantage of the Heartsy deal. It's the only way they'll be able to afford it! (lol)

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