Thursday, 16 June 2011

More childrens' clothing resellers

This item is leg warmers!! The NEW-ish oh so popular accessory for babies wee legs. 
They're for crawling babies mostly, and to keep their little legs warm! (hence the name lol) The original baby leg warmers I believe were called "Baby Legs" Anyhow on to the douchebaggery. 
This offender aka seller is TwoDancers
He is selling them for $7.99-not a bad price but you can get a full of box of them on dhgate for  $64
and singles for US $1.88 ~ 2.51 / Pair

Sellers (coloring of items may be vary  based on monitor settings; and sellers camera quality/flash etc) 
But they're indeed all the same. 

Dhgate Wholesale

This seller has the exact same warmers, but she dolled them up with her own ribbons for a less reselling touch!

More examples of wholesaler 

Two more resellers-but just an added bow as the above seller

chicbebeh (lol this girl'!)

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