Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Off topic. Heartsy shop jacking up prices before feature

 *reader post* Here is a direct quote from the submission
 This is not a flame! just an obeservation of a shop being  an ahole with their prices.I was JUST about to buy a voucher for JPwithlove and then I remembered when her voting page was up 2 weeks ago searching  for her shop on Etsy. Well I kept her in my favorites to keep an eye on new items, and I was just in her shop Thursday past looking through her items again. I thought her prices were pretty decent then. She told me on her shop's Facebook Saturday  her day was coming up soon, and I couldn't wait for her shop to featured! Now? not so much.
This seller will be featured today at 12:30 EST. Only 2 days ago her items were listed $2-$5 cheaper than they are now. 

2 Days ago this item was $10

Here's the same item today for $13. This item is worth $10, let alone $13. Blech. 
Here a her ring listed a few days ago for $10 [ click here to view cache]

Here's the same ring listed today for $12

Here is her set of 3 hair pins from 4 days ago for $15
Here they are today for $18

Single chocolate bar 4 days ago for $5

Today for $7

Stud polymer clay posts last week for $10

Today for $12

Last week's  [Friday] earrings also for $10 [Friday]
Today for $12

Reader said there's more but she told me to look them up. But you guys can do that if you want.
You get the point.

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