Monday, 20 June 2011

Another reader submit Clothing Resellers. Offenders: A LOT

There are MANY sellers on etsy selling cheap made in China crappy pettiskirts. I know bc I got taken by one of them that when I called her out she closed her shop real quick. Others I notice use the same photos are the ones on this site: Initially halo had the images that most of these people used but recently updated their site so these people are using her old images or ones that she may have provided.
I have reported every single one I come across and etsy doesn't do one single thing. I'm sick of it.
I'm glad I found your blog. I hope you can post about this.
Here's some sellers selling this crap:
The above post is the quote from the submission.

 FamilyTies161 It's not HOT pink, it's HOP pink..which is hotter than PINK.
Same skirt on Alibaba
And another but different print skirt here.

Seller: ILuvUTutuMuch
Same skirt  here and here on Alibaba Wholesale

I will only post links(NO Photo)for the sellers before, since they're selling the exact same skirts as the above. ALL of the items in the seller's shop are wholesale items

Seller: presleighsmom
Alibabas (again) a different shop from the above though.

Here is huge kid's clothing shop on Alibaba with ALL of the items in the seller's shop listed.
Another in a different print

Seller: Nanaspumpkins

Seller daisybands

Seller BellaRuthy

There are many more that are reselling these crappy skirts.
Just search! they won't be hard to find. ;)

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