Monday, 20 June 2011

Off topic to drown out the rage of Soapers. (lol)

WHAT is better than reading drivel from drunken bored insomniac soap makers?  a drunk ass Amy Winehouse!!    

The  intoxicated, always-exhausted Amy Winehouse has given some effed-up live performances in the past, but may have set a new high/low with this one.
When a local paper calls it "the worst in the history of Belgrade," that's bad. As is having a backup singer handle the lead vocals when you can't. At one point at the show, which took place this weekend, Amy got so disoriented that she started mumbling lyrics, then just threw her mic to the floor. She then rested on equipment and wandered around on stage. We don't want to jump to conclusions and say she's on drugs ... but she's TOTALLY on drugs!
Seriously, check out the two clips below.

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