Thursday, 16 June 2011

Cheap-ass Pocket Watches, Owls and Grenades.. Oh my!

These mentioned sellers below all have almost the exact same items in their stores as one another, and listed as "handmade" And Lately the big fad  is pocket watch/sweater necklaces, big owl pendants and other similar jewelry. And as of late; Etsy has been bombarded with the cheap crapola!

Got the time? (Cheap-ass pocket watches)

 Here's seller emowieh's Crown Pocket watch. She's only charging $6 but still, it's not handmade and shouldn't be on Etsy! 
She has 2400 SALES! 
She is also mentioned at the end of this entry.

Here's the same one on Alibaba $6-8  piece or a box of 60 for only $60!

Other sellers with same watch
cutecharmjewelry Charging $5.50
vejori Charging $4
loipaas-Charging $4
J2hike - Charging $4
ninexmuse-Charging $10
AmazingCraft4u-Charging $9
BelieveSerendipity-Charging $9
Beadix -REPEAT "Offender'' see past entry) Charging $12
chickhardware-Charging $20
morikaty THIS idiot is charging $24 for it! WTF What nerve! Also has A LOT of sales. 
emylyne Charging $25!
finkgifts THIS seller is charging $26. She thinks by putting a .10 cent playing card charm on it that it boosts it's value LOL
Ok , that's it LOL There's more but..I won't go on.

I like your Hooter Clones!

The infamous and overly sold Owl sweater necklace.
THIS foolish seller XenaraesRoom is charging $45!! she slight slapped some lilac paint on it to give it a nice patina to up the value! FAIL

The SAME necklace on Alibaba and eBay (and in another 300000 shops on Etsy)
20 Pieces on Alibaba for $6 and .50 cents on eBay
THIS fool (the luckyfish) is asking $30 LOL! She honestly thinks she's going to get that price  for it, and things it's really a vintage or "antique" item. Here's snip from her ad :  Enjoy the stylish wisdom of this vintage brass pendant necklace! I found it in a little thrift store in Pacific Grove, where the cypress tree hang over the waters of the Pacific coast and the owl fly everywhere at night! .'' IF she really found this in a thrift  shop, she was ripped off, but I honestly think she's trying to rip US off! 

Just a couple (of MANY) sellers with the exact same owl necklace
mehaasp  Only charing .89 cents! but not handmade.
loipaas Charging .99 cents
rebornshop Charging 1.99
easygoingshopping Charging $2.95
cheapandchicland Charging $2.99
DIYartworld Charging $5.80
vogueworld Charging $8

Throw a Grenade at ya!

Here is  seller: Tistjewelry with 450 sales selling a $1 grenade necklace for $26!!  
 Check out her shop. It's FULL of crappy wholesale items.

On eBay for .90 cents

Here's more sellers with the same 
grenade necklace (and same items in general) in their Etsy shop.
CsCharms (over 5340 sales!) RESELLER ($7)
Plastic Couture ( 3800 sales!) RESELLER ($22!!)
pbofw only charging, but still a RESELLER ;) 
emowieh (Only charging $2, surprisingly)

And speaking of emowieh SHE has  everything mentioned (lockets, owls and grenades and even MORE wholesale crap  in her shop!  She has  over 790 feedback and 2400 sales! she has nothing but pure wholesale junk in her entire shop.  
Just a few Examples: All of her items can be bought here on Alibaba

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