Wednesday, 15 June 2011

"Can you see the difference" Part Deux The Hello Kitty clones

Up next is the "Antique" Hello Kitty Pendant! Not only are these sellers reselling, they're also committing copyright infringement. Etsy rocks at moderation, huh? *snorts*
Let me mention  too. You can buy these  in bulk on Alibaba for $1.40 to $2.20 a piece (lol)
(continuation from this post)
First seller up..
Beadix asking $12

girluncensored asking $12.25

SapphiraDesigns (REPEAT OFFENDER) asking $26!

happywanderers asking $17

Different variation:
Here on Alibaba first US $1 - 8 / Piece 

Then on Etsy
Beadix for $12

BelieveSerendipity for $9.50

Now THIS seller is fair in her pricing ;) worldshine for only $2.95

 Part 3 coming soon...with a whole new STYLE ;)

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