Wednesday, 15 June 2011

"Can you see the difference" "No I can't see the difference"

Nope, I'm not talking about the retro ABC detergent commerical. I'm talking about sellers (most specfically jewelry) sellers who sell the exact same items, and still call it handmade, unique and OOAK. Wugh! Why would Etsy allow this? it's the exact SAME thing as reselling, obviously these "OOAK" items are wholesale items, when there's SO many of them around. Some sellers had a jewel, some a bead but it's still the same crap! But alas Etst doesn't give to poops! It's all about the $$$ 
(Note as well; MOST if not all the listed sellers stores are full of wholesale "ooak" necklaces"

First up is this brass Strawberry necklace/pendant.
 from seller: sevenstarz Price: $16

SD is one of today's Featured RESELLERS on Heartsy! 

Here is 4 pendants for only $4!! NOT a reseller. She's not an idiot. She's a supplier to these dummies who do reseller though.

PetiteRoseFleur $18.50

MDsparks Price: $22..and this seller has over 5500 feedback & 10934 sales!!


spunkichick25 asking $22

Freakin' ridiculousness all around, eh?!
 (see next entry for more 'OOAK' creations)

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