Wednesday, 15 June 2011

"Can you see the difference".. Part Trois The Golden Snitch

Continuation from other posts on  Lookalike Jewelry  being sold as handmade, OOAK but and imagine DIFFERENT people! Now that is just a weird coincidence or just plain ol' buying from wholesale stores and reselling.I can honestly go on and on and on posting entries with the abundance of copycat/wholesale jewelry but I won't...I want to! but I won't. LOL This will be my last entry for the day. Maybe.

Up next is the good ol' Golden Snitch pendant/charm/necklace jewelry. With this one it was pretty damn easy to find TONS of sellers with them. All with the same "ball" aka snitch, but with their own SIMPLE added touch to it. Maybe each seller adds their own (wholesale) dangling charm or flower or crystal to make theirs differ from the other massive amount of sellers...BUT again, it's all the same CRAP! The pricing is up and down, and totally and utterly ridiculous.

First off here it is on Alibaba for only..get this! US $0.5 - 3 / Piece 
Alibaba has different variations/sizes but they're ALL dirt cheap at wholesale costs.

First store is worldshine the seller who only charges wholesale prices.

UmbrellaLaboratory ASKING $25!

vejori IS ONLY asking $4 as well

 GlazedBlackCherry Asking $30,

TimeTravelerEmporium ASKING $20

jetaimeboutique $22

Well that's it for the 'Snitch' There's a lot more I could have posted but it's just the same ol' same ol'

If you want to search on your own click here ! =) Toodles

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