Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Soft sole baby shoe reseller(s)

These are easily replicated by anyone with any craft sense, who can sew/knit etc.
But these for definitely NOT handmade; but possibly wholesale items.  
Wholesale site (Alibaba) is selling them for $2-$5 a pair or $60 for a box.
Etsy Sellers name is wildcubs she is asking $18 a pair.

Someone already contacted WildCubs; and she claims that the wholesale site stole her DESIGNS, and that she's speechless.  But why would a huge Chinese wholesaler operation steal from a small time seller like Wildcubs? I'm sure they're capable of taking their OWN photos, and designing their own crap or even copying from a larger company such as Robeez? Speaking of which..even IF these designs were wildcubs, does she realize she stole HER designs from those other soft-sole  baby shoe companies such as Robeeze, Bugaboo, MiniShoeZoo etc? The pot calling the kettle black much?
Now here's ANOTHER site  (from Australia) who sells  the  same shoes. It could be possible that WildCubs sell wholesale TO HER ? But if that were true, how does WildCubs makes all these shoes herself, to be able to supply to so many other sites on top of  her own two?  
Anyhow , It's really hard to tell who tells the truth in these situations. Because the story are just too good. But wholesalers/scam artists are also very  good at story telling, so who knows. If I find out there's any truth to stealing designs, I will take this post down. But I just don't see it happening..right now. ;)

Anyhow (again) Here's the exact same shoes on Alibaba.
Too many to list so I provided screen-shots of the listings together in the shops.

More sellers with similar style NOT handmade shoes
(more soon) 

This seller is only selling a couple of pairs (9 to be exact) and she's not even covering the fact the tag of the REAL makers are on them, but still states in her ads "Rove Arounds Pre-walker baby shoes are made by hand in Ireland of eco friendly leather"  So she's admitting right in her ads that these aren't  made by her but still she's still allowed to sell them as hers? She's been flagged twice already. So what gives, Etsy?

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