Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Baby Knit/Crochet hat resellers

Here's seller irenelim77 selling a "hand knit" baby beanie/cap

Here's the SAME hat on a wholesale site ( Same seller resells jewelry in other other shop as well.
US $6.38 ~ 6.84 / Piece

Here's another hat/style for $12. She even uses the same photo as seen on the wholesale site!
Same hat on -$69 for a CASE. Notice the same photo/model?
Last one, but she/he has many more of the same as Dhgate.
Here's the same hat AND model! on wholesale site (
Here's  more sellers selling the same hats!

THIS SELLER has over 5000 sales WOW! NICE slip Etsy! She is asking $32!!

Here's the same hat on DHGate. Same photo/model too. 5-8$ a piece! or $69 for a case.
Lovely feedback too!!
Another hat in their shop that matches the wholesaler

Here's the wholesaler's listing and photo
The website says "locally made and authentic" 

But why would they (citefuzz) be selling on a wholesale site for 3 times cheaper as on the site, and etsy store, Both sellers uses the same models. And the wholesale site says "buy wholesale FROM CHINA?" on it with the exact same hats!! Fishy fishy..
Another wholesale seller from Dhgate selling the exact same hats-so they seller on Etsy can't say the the other site on dhgate is theirs. KWIM?
Well that's it  for now.
More dirty 'hand made' baby hat sellers COMING SOON...  

UPDATE: Seller was contacted and she claimed that this site on Alibaba has been stealing her images for years.She provided  links of a child from  a 2009 listing and a listing of the present child in 2011 and said it's the same child, and that's her evidence that these designs are hers. BUT  even if that evidence(photos of the child) meant anything at all, both children had different colored eyes. I'm a parent-and my kids eyes to didn't change  from green/blue to deep brown in 2 years. LOL. Oy vey.

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