Tuesday, 5 July 2011

ANOTHER Jewelry Reseller: hanginaround

This seller [hanginaround] sells mostly vintage items, but into the mix she has a few wholesale jewelry that she boldly claims is handmade by  herself. lol Oh boy!

Here is her fake handmade deer necklace $15

Exact necklace on Alibaba for US $0.75 - 3.25 / Piece 

Exact necklace on eBay for $6.40

Her fake handmade Anchor necklace $10 She has sold 5 of these so far!

Same one HERE on for $3.75 uk
Here at Enchanted Leaves
HERE on Alibaba

Her fake handmade Bike Necklace $12 -Similar one on Alibaba for US $1 - 2 / Piece 
Same one on eBay for $2.99

Her fake handmade camera necklace $22

Same one on eBay for .99 cents

Her fake handmade eyeglass necklace  $20
Same one on eBay for .99

Same necklace (different colored harmonica and chain) on eBay for $4. I did a an entry already about this HERE

3 more links/shops with the same necklace, and over charging. Big time!
theluckyfish is asking $32 Blah.
coastmountaincrafts is selling one exactly the same was luckyfish for the same price. How is that OOAK? 
Artysmary is asking $35 US!
If you want to search through 5 more pages full of these here's the link!!

Last post item for this seller!!

Her simple key necklace  She has actually sold 20 of these so far! (LOL)

Exact same necklace on eBay for .99 cents

That is it!

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