Wednesday, 13 July 2011

ArtInspiredGifts and price inflation up in a OFF

Ugh! Are you getting tired of these shit-tay pocket watches yet? This seller [ArtInspiredGifts] has SOME handmade items. Like actual legit hand made.. but she's also a price inflation lovin' re-seller who is ripping off her customers. She has over 900 sales!
In some of her items; all she did was a add a bead or two to already assembled wholesale crap pocket watches/necklace. All of said pocket watches come on chains too. So how in the heck is that handmade? Come on!

First up. Her "Sky Pirate" wood grain pocket watch. with cheap skull bead added for $48!! 
Same watch of hers HERE with nothing added to it for $45. <--THAT is how the watch comes on Wholesale sites; chain and all.
Arrr, tis' is a special watch!..tis' a Sky Pirate pocket watch. The .5 cent skull bead is SO air piratey! The only pirate thing about this watch, is how she robs gullible customers blind. Aye, i'm here t' rip you off me matey's! 

Exact watch HERE on eBay 1.98 buy it now. OR HERE on Alibaba Wholesale.

Here's her STEAMINGPILEOFCRAPPUNK Owl watch necklace. $24 To make this handmade she added a .10 cent owl charm to it. How creative, and total owl over-kill!

Exact watch minus the dime-a-dozen owl charm HERE on Alibaba for US $2.37 - 4.3 / A BAG!

Here's her 1882 Pocket Watch for $44 "Item number MPW24" Many re-sellers have item numbers in their ad titles. ;) Tip off. Same watch of hers for $46 HERE 
Same watch but a 2011 model HERE  for on eBay for 1 CENT. And HERE on Alibaba for US $1.2 - 2.8 / Piece 

Her antique alarm clock watch necklace for $24 To make it handmade she added a crystal and fake pearl to the chain
Exact watch HERE on eBay for $4.84 on eBay (Buy it Now)

Her Art Deco (blue eyed) Owl necklace- $28. She added a cheap crystal & A cheap binocular charm (like this one here  on eBay-20 for .1 cent) And the Swaroski crystals are also a dime a dozen.
Same necklace HERE on eBay for .15 CENTS, and HERE on Alibaba Wholesale for US $1.25 - 5.5 / Piece 

Same necklace HERE on eBay for .99 CENTS, and HERE on Alibaba for $1

That's it..well it isn't. But I'm working on another entry. You get the gist. Right?

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