Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The most boring, tacky and ugliest button maker Award..(repost)

goes to...thebuttondudes!! I deleted the original entry about this inbred because I edited to update listings he removed since my last post about him.
Anyhow buttondouche! You win a a 2 hour lesson in graphic design and tips on NOT being an unoriginal immature ding bat! to collect your winnings.
Long story short (as possible)
A reader found this seller after she read the "People are Awesome" post on Regretsy. The post was about idiots using sweet little Caylee Anthony's death to make a few bucks on Etsy. All this dirty mouthed icky does is fire up his pc's paint program, steals copyright images to use on his ugly buttons, recycles other people's dirty "funny" quotes & makes sexual references about children, and profits from a child's murder.

The reader also (who contacted me about this seller) contacted him and stated how tacky it was to make the button. In reply he sent her a HUGE message on who really profits from Caylee's death with numerous links to various NEWS sites such as Nancy Grace, CNN and even CBC. WTF? How is that even helping his stupid point? 
Anyhow, the reply was so long & defensive, and whiny..that I couldn't stand to read it when the reader c/p it to me. He pretty much said my reader was "so funny" for thinking he would donate JUST a dollar (price of a button) to a Child Abuse advocate group. And stating he did nothing wrong by making the button. I can see why this asshole only has 45 sales in 4 months. Not only are his buttons UGLY, most of them make NO sense, and seem to be made up by a teenager.  He even has to explain the "jokes" in his listings for people to get them. (snort) What a moron.
Note his shop announcement with links to AOL and Chicage Tribune Story. Admitting he uses top news stories to make money. Including Osama and Casey Anthony etc.

And in the reply to my reader as a last resort 'come back', he sent this button in an attached image. ha ha I did laugh a little when she told me.

But then I whipped out MY ms paint, and create THIS design that the reader sent back to him. It took me 2 hours in paint to create. Hard work. Whew.

Here is the button "design" of his. The reader found it when using "Casey Anthony" in the search on Etsy. Look at that fine detail and vivid coloring.  I'm in awe of his creativity.
Here is another.

 His description for this one. In the "funny" catagory.
One last word of advice from Osama bin Laden before he died-- "Stay Away from Navy Seals".  
 I doubt it. I think it was "Oh Allah that hurt!!..ugh that one hurt more.."

Caption:"The bosom buddies... before their nasty falling-out that ended up with a bullet in the head on May 1st, 2011" He sucks more at Photoshop than he do at Paint. I love how that image isn't even ROUND.. like a button should be.

Oh no you DIDN'T!
He says " I don't like Justin Beiber. I mean, the kid can sing. But that attitude needs to go.If you feel the same way, wear this one-inch button with pride." 
I'm starting to feel bad now. I think this seller really is a child. 

Another. And I want to know what ice cream has to do with DICK? or what a little cartoon ki.d has to do with it?
His caption: Dick is the little boy enjoying his ice cream on this one-inch button. 

 He seems to enjoy making fun of molestation A LOT.
Isn't it weird that he says the buttons about Caylee is for awareness but he pulls this creepy shit? (photo of a child holding a rooster and saying the boy loves *ock) I'm not going to post it here. Even if it's a vintage-ish photo. It's STILL tacky and nasty.

A card; with a photo of another kid with the caption. Is he stunned or just trying too hard to make a buck?


Another tip off that this dude is just a plain ol' creep with a twisted mind. Like what's so funny calling someone a child molester.I bet people are lining up to buy THAT card for a friend or their MOTHER.  

Another card mentioning children icky-ness. I guess he thinks because these photos are vintage, and the kids in said photos are now 80 years old..that it's okay. (lol) 

Two more "I don't get it" buttons. But he explains it in his ad..that's the main thing.

What? LOL! 
"This funny button says what some of us would tell Barbie to her face." Why would anyone want to call Barbie a dyke? She's a freain' DOLL you idiot. 
While you're whipping all these inane 'Keep Calm' sayings out of your ass. Why don't you make one with  KEEP CALM and STOP BEING A HOMO-PHOB

He WAS using a photo of someone else's baby (from flickr) on his buttons without permission.I contacted the owner of said photo (from their flick'R Account) and he said it was indeed his child, and he was contacting Etsy about the shop owner stealing his image, and removed!. 

UPDATE: Owner removed two images I posted about, but went crazy with the "Keep Calm" buttons overnight. Now he is just being a little taunting prick! (lol)

Well I must go! Now..I just have to decide what 'Keep Calm' thing to do tonight before bed. I think I'll pick 'Keep Calm and relax my asshole" I already sat on his face, but he called me "Mom" and I got freaked out and left.

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