Friday, 1 July 2011

In honor of Canada Day

Today's Canadian reseller entry is SweetyDreams!!

Here is 'her' handmade hot air balloon necklace for $16!
Exact one [here] on Alibaba Wholesale for $4 a piece or $.99 a piece if you buy more than 10.

Her owl necklace for $7
Exact one [here] on Alibaba

Here is her handbag/purse necklace for $7
Exact one [here] on Alibaba

Here is her bus necklace for $7
Exact necklace [here] for ONLY 0.6 to 0.65 cents a piece. lol

Here is her Merry Go Around necklace for $16!
Same one [here] on Alibaba for .06 cents to $6 

Last one, even though ALL of the items in the jewelry category are wholesale items; listed under handmade. You get the gist with just a few examples..I'm sure. LOL!

Here is her rocking horse necklace for $14
Exact one [here] on Alibaba for $3, less if you buy more than 10 pieces/necklaces.

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