Saturday, 2 July 2011

Jewelry re-seller Offender: Sevinoma from Beijing, China

Sevinoma's shop is chock-full of wholesale crap.  She has over 500 sales.  All sales made in less than 2 months. *Puke* There's 22 pages of  cheap junk; mostly necklaces. I'm only going to list a few, as I'll be here all day submitting everything!
NOTE (links are in orange-click on photos for full size) -Barbara

Here are a few of their  "handmade" necklaces. She doesn't ask a lot for that's good, I guess? 

 Their Merry Go Around necklace
Same one [here] on Alibaba for .06 cents and up.

Same one on Alibaba

Their  vintage ''personalized' lion necklace...what is so personalized about it? lol 
Even if it weren't a wholesale item; there is nothing personalized about it!!

Same one with same photos on Alibaba

Same necklace on Alibaba

Another style of  peacock necklace  of' 'theirs' 
Same one on Alibaba

Same one on Alibaba

Same one on Alibaba

Same piece on Alibaba

Same ring on Alibaba

Exact ring on Alibaba with same photos!

Another style of chain ring with crosses and rabbit charm
Here it is on Alibaba
Same one on Alibaba

Exact bracelet on Alibaba
 Here's a pearl/bird bracelet of theirs 
Same one on Alibaba


Same earrings on Alibaba

Same ones on Alibaba
Another style of owl earrings of theirs

Last one (even though I can post a lot more)

Same ones on Alibaba


  1. Their shop is still up and running.

  2. There are 3 sellers selling the same elk bracelet.





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