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Steampunk FAIL & Price inflation. Reseller- GlazedBlackCherry PART 1

I'll be breaking this seller down into 2 entries. Since there's so much to report on her.

GlazedBlackCherry  has 1722 salesNot only does this seller a resells wholesale junk. She totally inflates the prices of said wholesale junk as well.
She also lists her items as 'handmade' when half of it isn't. And what IS hand-made; is just slapped together using cheap as dirt wholesale supplies, and a glue gun. It's disgusting!!  . I understand a lot of sellers do this-buying supplies for cheap, but at least most [honest] sellers  ask decent prices for their items.  If her items were REAL silver; I can understand her pricing. But all of her items are alloy/metal/pewter. Not even plated silver!

First off I have to laugh at what she did with her apparent "steampunk" pocket watches. And also laugh at what she considers STEAMPUNK.

First up is a cheap $2 a piece ''STEAMPUNK''  motorcycle watch necklace. 
She is charging $25 for it. All she did to make this "handmade" was remove the white clock face to reveal the "steampunk" aka the guts of the watch.  
The same one WITH clock face on Alibaba
She did the same thing with this Steampunk  owl 'pocket' watch for $25
Here it is for only US $0.1 - 5 / Piece on Alibaba 

Another "steampunk" pocket watch.This one is a helicopter. [lol]
Here it is with face on Alibaba for $2-$4 a piece..or less if you buy "bulk."
Here is the same helicopter in her shop without the face removed for $23

*By the way; I have one of these cheap pewter-like necklaces of a cat, and I got my 15 yr old son to make it STEAMPUNK while typing this entry, and it took 5 minutes! *

Here is her apparent STEAMPUNK Wizard(?) Owl necklace. for $20
Same necklace on eBay for .1 cent! 
Same necklace on eBay for .99 cents
Same necklace on eBay for only $1.50
Same necklace on Alibaba from US $1 - 6.5 / Piece 

 The 'infamous owl necklace. (I posted an entry on these before here.) I bought one on eBay in Decemeber for only $2 including shipping (from China) and it turned my neck green only 2 days of wearing it to work. (lol) And she has the nerve to sell it for $19!! 
The SAME necklace on Alibaba and eBay (and in another 300000 shops on Etsy)
20 Pieces on Alibaba for $6 and .50 cents each on eBay

Here is her 'handmade' cheap-assed 'golden snitch' necklace for $16.
 I already posted an entry on other Golden Snitch resellers.. You can read it here.
Or get it here on Alibaba for only  US $0.5 CENTS! to - $3 . Depending how many you buy.

All of her rings are all mostly cheap as dirt METAL charms glued on cheap assed ring blanks. Here's a couple (I won't post them all..for obvious reasons) Here's the rest. Look how simple but expensive they are.
Here is a Octopus charm ring. This WAS handmade by her. Notice the nib on top? that is where she snapped the ring off the cheap charm. lol It looks horrible.

It didn't take much effort or money to do any of these rings!  All you need is a glue gun. glue stick, a cheap filigree ring base; and a cheap octopus charm. I say it MAY have taken 5 mins to slap  together. And cost about $1.80 to make and she is charging $25 for it!
Here's the ring blanks on Alibaba Wholesale. 1000 piece bag for $32

Here's the octopus charms- 20 pieces for $.1.00 on eBay 

 Here's another seller on Etsy with the same ring and for only $8

-She did  the same thing here with this robot ring. That she is charging $30 for! I can't believe anyone  out there is stupid, and naive enough to  buy this crap for the price she charges. 
Quick MATH:
You can get the charms on Etsy. 12 for $17 HERE. The filigree ring blanks here  1000 for $32 .
 She sells 17 robot rings for $30 which = $510!! and she paid roughly $21 for supplies to make all 17 robot rings. Scandalous! lol

Another example. You can buy the compass charms on eBay 4/1.00 HERE or HERE on Etsy 6 for $3.50


Here's her very simple airplane propeller ring that she is selling for $20
Here's the same ring in bronze on Alibaba for .55 cents a piece
Here's more sellers on Etsy with the exact or similar ring as hers. I can't see how multiple sellers can sell the exact same ring, and still call it OOAK and handmade?!
OR you can get the charms (propellers) here and here - 4 for $3.75
And the ring blanks cost the same as the ones I mentioned already.

Last example of the over-inflated rings she sells.

Cost to make (estimate)
You can buy 2 of these cameo on eBay- 4 for $2.79
Blank rings on Alibaba for 1000 @ $32
.45 cents a cameo
.33 cents a Blank Ring
Total cost to make one ring = .78 (roughly)

next part coming soon...

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