Saturday, 2 July 2011

Reseller- GlazedBlackCherry PART 2

This is the 2nd part of my report on seller GlazedBlackCherry. She is VERY ridiculous, and in MY opinion a very dishonest skuzz ball. I reported her twice now with links and she is still on there..selling away. Long story short: She is a big time reseller, she loves price inflation & is a unique glue gun crafter (blech) 

The other post (part 1) is [HERE]
This post is photo heavy, but are shrunk down to fit the page. Click photos for larger view. Links are in ORANGE :)

Here's her Pocket Watches...that she claims as handmade. They are NOT handmade in the least! NONE of them are. But.. I am only posting a few, since there's so many. 
 GBC could probably claim 'handmade' if she put them on a chain herself.. but they come that way [wholesale.] AND if you search Etsy, you will find TONS of other sellers selling the exact same items below as well. Most of those resellers charge close to wholesale price though. So it's not AS bad, but it's still reselling.

First watch is a Owl pocket watch. Asking price is $19

Same watch on eBay for .01 cents
Same watch (again) on eBay for $3
Same watch on Alibaba for only $6 a piece (or less if you buy more than 10)

Here's "her" Time Orb pocket watch (I posted about this before too HERE)
Her price $54.99!! 
She is also selling the exact one here for just $39. Odd!
Or save $54.98  and get the exact  piece HERE on eBay for 1 CENT!!!! 

or  for $6.50  HERE
Or HERE for $1
Or HERE  for only $3.90
Effed up or what?!

HERE is a turtle pocket watch she is selling for $17
Same pocket watch on Alibaba wholesale for $2-$4 a piece

Here's her Chinese Dragon Pocket watch for $40!!
Exact same watch on eBay for only $4.50!! (buy it now) and that is FREE shipping too.

EXACT same watch also on Alibaba wholesale (China) for unknown price. But the minimum order is 100! and you can buy up 10,0000 pieces a month! WTF!

Here's her "Web of Love" pocket watch. Asking price $30!!
Or save $28 and get it HERE on eBay (for $1.99)  BUY IT NOW. IT difference in price HUH?!

Here's her jet black pocket watch for $30
Exact watch on eBay for only $1.99!!

Here's her heart pocket watch for $30

Same one on Alibaba for US $3.69 - 6.71 /  for a Bag !! 

Here is a owl pocket watch. Asking price $23!!
EXACT Same one on eBay for ONLT .17 CENTS! (lol) This girl is crazy!!

AND  HERE  and HERE on Alibaba for only $1.00-$2.20 a piece or less if you buy more than 20.

Same one on Alibaba for $2 (or less a piece if you buy more than 20)

There's a lot more pocket watches to go through, and all are wholesale/resell items too. But that is all I'm posting. Just flip through her shop to see more. 

Here's a couple of "her" apparent handmade earrings.
Peacock feather earrings. Asking price $19!

Exact earrings on eBay for .99 cents [buy it now] with FREE ship!
 You can get $18 pairs on here for the price she is asking for ONE!
Same earrings on Alibaba for only  $1-$3 a pair!! (ugh!)

Her "STEAMPUNK" LOL business card holder! wtf Asking $29 freakin' dollars for it. All she did was take a $2 octopus charm and glue it to a cheap aluminum card case. 
Cases are .5cents to $1 a piece on Alibaba 
And .95 cents a piece on eBay..from China.
Octopus pendants are only 0.1 cent on eBay here
Total cost to make: Maybe a buck? ($1) Ridiculous!!

Here's a pair of faux peacock feather earrings for $19!

Same ones but in a different color thread on Alibaba for .67 cents to $5.77 a pair (.67 if you buy more than 20)

on eBay for $3.75

Okay enough with this seller. Blah.
Last posting for her.

Her "hammered tear drop" earrings for $19
Similar pair on Alibaba for only US $0.6 - 1 / Pair 

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