Saturday, 2 July 2011

Jewelry Reseller Offender: toofashion2010

This post is about toofashion2010 this seller is an obvious reseller. She doesn't inflate prices that's okay? But she has them listed as handmade which is NOT okay.. And in her profile she claims to have her own workshop in which she personally hand makes all these items, BUT she also admits to buying the shit from other workshops/wholesale. So which is it?  lol! Bullshit alert. EVERY last item in their shop is pure wholesale junk. Plain and simple.

Read her bullshit profile here..or click photo below to read it. =)

Their owl pocket watch necklace (HERE)

Their Owl necklace (HERE)

Their OWL pocket watch (HERE)

Their light bulb necklace (here)

Their camera necklace (here)

Their "handmade" squirrel necklace 
Same necklace on Alibaba

Same one on Alibaba

Same one on Alibaba 

Here's more of her wholesale pocket watches. If you want to search and compare for yourself.

Lastly. Even though there's at least pages of more crap in her shop. I'm stopping here. lol.

Same one on Alibaba

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  1. Is this considered cheating?


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