Saturday, 2 July 2011

PeriwinkleCourt: A Reseller, a Tag fibber, & Vintage faker

I am working on a couple of entries right now that will list a few sellers who use Etsy as eBay light. I was going to include this seller [PeriwinkleCourt] in that entry, but she is breaking more than one rule; that I thought she deserved her own entry. Although she actually has some legit allowed items in her shop-she also as just as many non permitted items as well. Such as newer(ish) brand name bags/purses as well as knock offs and no-name and Target brands that she lists and tags in the vintage category
 People like this who are ignorant or just ignore the TOS of Etsy piss me off! They think because it's a site to sell things, they can sell anything they want as long as they mix them in with a few items that are allowed. Kwim? 

Here is has a modern  Coach  Bag  listed.

As well a non-handmade non-vintage Japanese purse. I saw this exact bag at a kiosk in the mall last year in Edmonton. 

Below are links to even more random items she has listed in her shop; that are not permitted on Etsy- 
-NOT vintage, handmade OR supplies-

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