Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Jewlelry Reseller:

I hope y'all aren't getting pissed off with the amount of jewelry resellers I post about. Unfortunately, jewelry is the most popular "resell" item. 
Anyhow, this seller [qwusdfhas made 76 sales since June 29th! I  have flagged her  twice now, and she's still allowed to sell. WTF Etsy? Although she doesn't ask a lot for her ''pieces'' (like other morons) ..she has everything listed in the handmade category. 

TIP for pointing out resellers! Most resellers have random non- names like "abcdefhidiot" or "blahda" etc (LOL) Also...most of them put a serial/stock number in their ad titles. Like this seller. ;)

Help me flag, please. :) Do it for the REAL jewelry designers out there. xo

First up is her "house" locket/necklace. 

Same locket on Alibaba wholesale and eBay.

Same necklace on Alibaba Wholesale

Same necklace on Alibaba

Same necklace on Alibaba

Same one on Alibaba

Same one on Alibaba 

Last one, even thought there's a good few more. I want to be able to make at least 2 more sellers/entries tonight. =)

Exact watch on Alibaba

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