Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Reseller: ninexmuse from Hong Kong. Surprise!

At first glance ninexmuse looks to have a legit handmade shop, but if you look closer... ;) She has 2375 sales too! Wha?! She has a lot of items that are wholesale crap..but I'm only going to list/name a few

Here's the items I thought looked genuinely handmade but they're NOT at all.

Here's her flower brooch/pin (2 in 1) she is asking $26 for...BUT..

Here's the exact brooch for only $6. The seller on eBay is in the same State where she used to live when she lived in the States. Now is that IS her shop on eBay why in hell is she inflating the price on Etsy to $26? Fishy...Also the items in the eBay shop is full of wholesale brooches and pins from Hong Kong/China. You can view those items HERE on Alibaba Wholesale. 

Here's the exact brooch ( in salmon) as in her Etsy shop on Tradeim Wholesale, but from China. (photo is blurry, but you can see it) And HERE too in a darker pink. 

Another brooch (like the above) on Alibaba for FOB USD 0.3~0.8 CENTS A Piece

On to jewelry.

Her's her pocket watch with a added dog charm. WTF? How do those two things even GO together in the first place? lol $18
Another of hers without the dog for $12

Same watch for .1 CENT on eBay

Her Paris pocket watch

Alibabas Eiffel Tower pocket watch US $2 - 5 / Piece (less if  you buy more than 30)

Her Roman Numeral pocket watch $17

Exact pocket watch on Alibaba

This tree of life pocket watch of hers is "sort of" handmade..if you think gluing a $1 tree charm onto a $2 pocket watch is handmade. lol

Here's the watch on Alibaba for (compare the two designs..exactly the same) US $1.95 - 2.75 / Piece 

and the charms are on eBay 4 for $5

SO it cost roughly $3 to make this. And took around 5 mins to SLAP together.

Her 'love' pocket watch for $10

Same watch on Alibaba

Exact pocket watch on Alibaba for $2 a piece

Her cheap ass turtle pocket watch/necklace for $13 (This is same necklace that REseller glazedblackcherry is charging $17 for lol) Oh my! Read her entry [HERE]

Same pocket watch on Alibaba wholesale for $2-$4 a piece [less if you buy more than 20]
okay enough about the pocket watches. There's more though [here]

Her eyeglass necklace $10

Same one on eBay for .99

Same one here(1cent) and here($4.50) on eBay.

Same one on Alibaba US $0.5 - 1 / Piece 

Similar necklace on Alibaba (but with birds) for US $0.1 - 2 / Piece 

Exact necklace on Alibaba US $0.7 - 3.5 / Piece 

The same necklace on Alibaba US $1 - 3 / Piece 

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