Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Let's play "How many of these designs can we find!" Part 1

 What sparked THIS entry was a seller [chrysdesignsjewelry] on Hearsty. She is selling unimaginative jewelry using very incomplex cheap supplies, spending little to no time on her "creations", and then charging buyers inane prices for such crappy overly created items. To me, handmad means "Unique" or Original.. or least DIFFERENT in some way! Example: Like how many "Steampunk" Octopus necklaces are swimming around on Etsy?! TOO many!  Some of the things these sellers "create" can be considered handmade..if handmade means taking a dime-a-dozen charm and putting it on cheap brass chain, or take said charms and glue gunning them to a .5 cent hair clip base etc... To me, these sellers are NOT designers in any shape of form. But that's just MY opinion;)

 Anyhow, what I will do in this entry is list an item from the shop [chrysdesignsjewelry] being featured on Heartsy tomorrow, and then do a quick search to see how many of the exact same items I found on Etsy.
The seller also has 6-10 of the same item in her shop unique, huh?!

 NOTE: Links to shops and items are in ORANGE. And to view larger images click the photos. I also added a small divider to separate each item* 

Below are 8 (of many more) sellers with the same necklace. Color may vary, but material (Metal/pewter) and style are the same.

Here's her BRASS Octopus Necklace for $14 Another style oh her's too for $20...HERE

  You can actually buy these necklaces wholesale on Alibaba as well.
  HERE, and HERE and HERE. ALL under $3

  And 8 (of many more) shops with the same necklace. (Most of them are resellers)

Here is her  I love You Postcard necklace for $15

Here is 8 (of many more) sellers with the same necklace. These sellers are more creative, and actually add a charm to them. LOL

Here are 8 (of many more) sellers with the exact necklace.
Here's the whistle charm for only $4. So including the charm and chain, this necklace cost about $5 to make.

Here's her gold bunny necklace for $12
Here is 8 more sellers with the same necklace. Most of these sellers are from Hong Kong. Hmm..

Here's 8 more sellers with a similar necklace.

Here's her beetle necklace

8 more sellers with the same/similar necklace.

Here's the exact same bettle pendants/charms- 2 for $5

Here  in brass for $2.40

Here's the same necklace (in gold and silver) from 8 OTHER sellers. Uniqueness, ftw! /sarcasm

Well that's it. I could be all day if I continued...



  1. When I first started on Etsy I noticed these kind of shops and I thought, well anyone could tell they aren't really handmade, but these kind of shops sure get a lot of sales. It sure is disheartening.

  2. It is! I only post a few of these..if I posted all of them I would have this blog FULL of entries with these type of shops.
    Out of says 2000 jewelry shops maybe 250 of then are legit.


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