Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The most OBVIOUS reseller yet! JADEHOUSE8

This idiot[JADEHOUSE8] is a major reseller who thinks Etsy is eBay. I reported them twice now. Nadda.

Here's their back-packs. You can buy these everywhere! from Chinese wholesale sites, from Walmart, dollar stores and eBay.

You can buy the Melody back pack HERE at Focal Price Wholesale
And HERE at China Drop Shipping (Wholesale)

The Spongebob Back Pack HERE at Focal Price Wholesale.
And HERE at China-Drop-Shipping

Their Hello Kitty bag. You can get the same bag HERE at Focal Price Wholesale
And HERE at the Wholesale Trader. And HERE, at produkimport.com 

Same Sheep HERE at Focal Price (Wholesale)
And HERE at Alibaba Wholesale (and many more places..just Google ;) 

Here's their "high quality" Cigarette Lighter watch

Exact lighter on Focal Price (Wholesale)

Same curlers HERE on Focal Price Wholesale and HERE on Waooga and eBay

Same wallet HERE on Focal Price, and HERE  at Discovery Bargain (Wholesale)

Exact cases HERE at WSDeal and HERE at Focal Price Wholesale

Here's a few more items that are obviously NOT handmade, supplies or vintage-no photos.

AND TONS MORE..just have a look. =)
(Don't forget LINKS are in ORANGE. And click photos for larger view)

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