Saturday, 9 July 2011

Luv4sams: A very obvious reseller with 2138 sales!

Why does Etsy keep these people a float on their site? This person is FULL of ridiculousness! Not only is she a reseller, she also jacks prices up of said wholesale items. 
The dishonesty and stupidity on this site[ETSY] is REALLY starting to piss me off. I just can't believe how EASY it is to find resellers now. Like come on Etsy!! do you not even LOOK at the flags and the evidence people provide you in the flags?! All about the $$$$ for them now. Assholes. 
I honestly feel sorry for all of you REAL artists! am so glad I'm not a seller with all this SHIT going on. I really hope my blog is helping you guys in some way. xo =) Maybe by helping to weed out the idiotic resellers, your real items will be able to sell much better!

(NOTE: Links to items/proof are in ORANGE. Click on photos to view larger image)

Here's her owl pocket watch, that she has the NERVE to ask $33 for. Keep in mind, this seller doesn't add the chain to this pocket watch. It comes already ON a chain.
Exact necklace HERE on Alibaba for $1.50-$ 3.50 a piece, and only 1 CENT! on eBay  

Her Colorful owl necklace for $15 US

Same necklace on eBay for $1, and on Alibaba wholesale-100 for $26
MORE sellers with the same necklace on Etsy. HERE and below
Same necklace of hers HERE but in bronze. Same price price.

Here's a pair of her Owl the handmade category, and tagged as handmade.

The exact earrings HERE on ebay. 5 pairs for 1 CENT! Look at the design. Her is the same material (alloy) but in silver. These are brass colored.

HERE they as well in silver (like hers) for .99 a pair./eBay 
And HERE for 1.21, and HERE on Alibaba Wholesale for 1 to 8 cents a piece. Minimum order is 200 pieces. I can go on, but you get it.. lol


Here's her Compass cuff links. She is asking $38 for them!

Exact cuff links HERE on eBay for $8. From Hong Kong...of course!
Also the exact pair HERE on Alibaba Wholesale (from China)

Her "level" cuff links for $39 Also in red (see image after the green ones)
Exact links HERE on Alibaba for $2-$7 A pair (less if you buy bulk) and HERE on eBay for $5.99 a pair.

Red ones HERE on eBay for $5.99 pair


You can buy this ring she has for a dime a dozen but she actually did make this one. She took a very cheap alloy charm, and GLUED it to a ring base/blank.
You can get the exact charms HERE-15 for .99cents; and the blanks HERE- 10 FOR $1. NOT worth $8 


EXACT earrings HERE on Alibaba for  $1 a pair. 

Here's her owl ring for $12

Same ring HERE on Alibaba wholesale for US $0.27 - 0.39 / Piece 

Here's her Pandora's box necklace. Asking $24

EXACT necklace (same chain/material) for US $0.2 - 5 / Piece HERE on Alibaba. And $3 HERE on eBay.

Here's her Octopus necklace for $21

Same one HERE on eBay for 99 CENTS

More sellers with same necklace. (look at the CHEAP prices!)

Here's her retro camera necklace for $17

Exact necklace HERE on Alibaba Wholesale for US $0.5 cents - 1.5 / Piece 

Here's her binocular necklace for $17!!

Exact necklace HERE on eBay for .95 CENTS and HERE on Alibaba for $1 - 3.5 / Piece 

Okay There's more but I won't bother. =) 

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