Saturday, 9 July 2011

REseller: AdornedNYC LOVES a rip off!

Here's another seller [adornedNYC] who buys those wholesale pocket watches and charges a fortune for them! Gah! She thinks if she mixes these wholesale items in with more prettier items; that they will look more authentic. Blech. NO sales so far! Thankfully.
She doesn't even put the wholesale pocket watches on a chain. They COME that way (lol)
So throw out the 'handmade' statement. Idiot!

Here's her Owl pocket watch (I posted about these many of times now) 
She has the gal to ask $46 US for it! 
Exact necklace HERE on Alibaba for, and on eBay for 1CENT a piece

Here's her Star Pocket watch for $42!

Exact watch/necklace HERE on eBay for .95 from Hong Kong..of course.

Her Paris pocket watch for $46!

Exact watch HERE on eBay for .11 CENTS! And HERE on Alibaba for $1-$2 a piece.

Another Owl Pocket watch for $42!!

Exact watch/necklace on Alibaba Wholesale for US $1.66 - 2.48 / Piece 

EXACT necklace/pocket watch HERE  for on eBay for 1 CENT. 
And HERE on Alibaba for US $1.2 - 2.8 / Piece 

That last pocket watch of "hers" I'll be posting. HERE
EXACT necklace/watch on Alibaba Wholesale.

 Lastly. I can't really say if anything else in her store is wholesale. Or not handmade by her. But who knows?! You buy all kinds of items of jewelry for wholesale prices. But they do look legit..BUT; her key necklaces look very cheap. The very same (material) keys are VERY cheap on Etsy, Alibaba And eBay. And right now, the material of the chains are unknown. She is very vague in her listing about them. She just says "gold" Not plated or fill or real. Hmm.

UPDATE: I contacted the seller to ask if the the chains are stamped, and she said no. So obviously they are NOT real gold. ;) 
Here's her key necklace listings.

HERE'S a bunch of listing on eBay with the same/similar keys she uses on her chains. All under $2. Like I said, I'm not sure of the material that they chains are made of so I can't comment or supply links for those.

FLAG AWAY-My two flags did nothing. :/ Even when I supplied links to the items.

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