Saturday, 9 July 2011

Originality FAIL- GardenOfSypria

GardenOfSypria claims handmade! Maybe...some of her items could be considered handmade, if handmade means taking a cheap pendant/charm, and slapping it quickly on a cheap chain. It takes 5 minutes!! But some of her item are just straight out wholesale. You'll see. You can also buy the same items from other places including other Etsy sellers. The wholesale items are from Alibaba and eBay. What's so unique about this crap if about another 100 different stores 'make' the exact item? Grrrr

Her profile says: 'Everything is handmade by myself with great detail and care. When spending time in the garden and outside in nature itself, I've been inspired to make my whimsical little trinkets for your viewing (and maybe wearing!) pleasure.'
With great detail, huh? lol
Here is her Compass necklace

Exact necklace with another seller on Etsy. And HERE & HERE.
Same compass she used. Here and here, and here. But on different chains

Another necklace of hers  Owl pocket watch.$24
Exact necklace HERE on Alibaba for, and on eBay for 1CENT a piece

More sellers on Etsy with the exact necklace.There is a lot more but TOO many to list.  
All under 4 bucks! Some resellers have the nerve to sell them for $45!! [see that post soon!]

Her 'wise owl' Jade Owl necklace. That is "UNIQUE" and handmade.
Same necklace HERE on Etsy as well.

Same pendant used with other seller's necklaces.

Here is her Octopus necklace. These things are "made" by A LOT of sellers. Overly-made IMO.
Same necklace.But different chain on eBay 99 CENTS
More sellers with same necklace.

Here's her "fiesta" colorful owl necklace. ANOTHER overly-"made" necklace. She has sold 17 of these lol @ $22 a necklace. (puke!) 17X22=$374= and you can get 17 for .17 CENTS to $17 on eBay (see below)  Idiot!
Same necklace on eBay for $1, and on Alibaba wholesale-100 for $26
MORE sellers with the same necklace on Etsy. HERE and below

You can buy 2 of the charms here for only $2
There are 9 pages of this same necklace on Etsy. Here's a few.

Here's the exact sewing machine she uses to make this 'handmade' necklace/chain on eBay for $2.50
Or here on Etsy 2 for 6.50 or 5 for $12 here.
More sellers with the same necklace. 

Lastly. Her telescope necklace. $22 She sold 16 of these! All she did was take a telescope charm, and slap it on a cheap brass chain.

You can buy the charms HERE for $6 and HERE [ebay] for $8 and more HERE
Same necklace with other Etsy sellers. And a lot more HERE.

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  1. wow thanks so much for the info. I just realized tonight what a scam some of these etsy sellers are. I really was interested in a necklace with a cute little bird on it...interesting enough to find that many sellers carried the same necklace with different claims on its material though. Found it on alibaby for two dollars! instead of twenty which was the cheapest price i found it...I have no problem with finding a product and reselling it at a higher price...i mean that's the world isn't it. But claiming it is rhodium and handmade...that is ridiculous. sorry for the rant


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